Regency FAQ’s

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the admission and stay of your loved one at Regency Nursing and Postacute Rehabilitation Centers in New Jersey. We spare no effort in tackling every possible question and concern which may arise. Indeed, we take our commitment to your total satisfaction very seriously.

What is Postacute Care and Rehabilitation?

Postacute care and Rehabilitation refers to a complete and comprehensive approach to caring for our short term rehabilitation patients who require robust therapy before returning home after an acute hospitalization. Our holistic approach and our ability to provide all 3 disciplines of therapy (Speech, Occupational and Physical) is typically covered by Medicare and supplemental/secondary insurance and provides for a cost effective and less invasive alternative to a prolonged acute hospitalization.

Does the patient need to be admitted to the hospital for 3 consecutive nights in order to qualify under Medicare for Postacute rehab?

Yes. Currently, Medicare makes the ‘3 night stay’ a pre-requisite before covering in-patient therapy at a Postacute rehab facility. However, other HMO’s and insurances do not make a similar requirement. Please contact any Regency Admissions office for further details.

Are the rehabilitation services offered at Regency facilities the same for every patient?

No. Regency offers a fluid, dynamic and tailor made therapy program to suit the specific needs of every patient. We seek to maximize the ability for your loved one to recuperate quickly. Your loved one will receive a personal, diversified and comprehensive therapy regimen.

How soon after a referral is sent can a patient be admitted to a Regency Facility?

Regency Admissions teams are the best and quickest in the business. We will have your paperwork reviewed for approval immediately and your loved one could be resting comfortably in one of our World Class facilities within hours!

Can I have someone admitted to a Regency Postacute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center over the weekend?

Yes. Regency handles admissions 7 days a week.

Is it necessary to provide detailed and personal financial information for a short-term admission to a Regency Nursing and Rehab Center?

No. Regency does not request or require full financial disclosure for a short-term stay.

Can patients only be admitted to Regency from a hospital?

Not at all. Regency accepts patients from Assisted Living centers, directly from home, from acute rehab centers and even from other postacute rehab facilities!

Will my insurance be accepted at Regency Facilities?

Regency holds contracts with most insurance companies and carriers. We are most likely to be participating and in-network with your provider.

Does Regency have a dedicated Postacute unit for rehab patients?

Yes. When it comes to Postacute care, we are innovators and have consistently set the standard for others to follow. Our Postacute units are designed, situated and located for the maximum rehab benefit of our short term patients.

Does Regency offer a dedicated Alzheimer's unit and does Regency additionally feature “lockdown units?”

We offer special units designed to safely and compassionately provide for all of our residents including those who suffer from various stages of dementia and other cognitive disabilities. Our Alzheimer’s patients thrive in comfort and security at all of our Regency facilities.

Do your Regency Facilities provide specialty care and services?

Absolutely! Regency facilities feature specialty care niches, such as respiratory, pulmonary and cardiac care onsite, 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Will my loved one be able to have his/her private primary care physician continue to provide care while he/she is at your facility?

Absolutely. In addition to the stellar group of practicing physicians at our facilities, we allow any properly vetted and credentialed doctor to continue looking after his/her patient while at any of our Regency Centers.

Can families tour your facilities prior to committing to Regency?

Of course! Regency offers a thrilling tour of each of our facilities. We will show you the grandeur of our centers up close and personal. You will experience an oasis of beauty and the quality care we offer at each of our facilities and we will answer all of your questions in great detail.

Do Regency short term patients and long term residents get their own television sets?

Absolutely! Regency provides the latest state of the art and high tech flat screen TV’s for our patients and residents to enjoy. Our screens are generously sized and we offer a plethora of channels to suit every taste and preference.

Are families able to reach and communicate with their loved ones on a private telephone line?

Absolutely! Regency provides phone access and capability for all residents and free private phone service to all of our postacute patients!

Are grooming services available for male and female patients and residents?

Yes. Regency offers a spectacular barber shop and beauty parlor on-site at each of our locations. We offer haircuts and treatments, manicures, pedicures and other beauty treatments on-site in barber shops and beauty parlors.

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